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How To Prepare Lava Rocks For Aquarium

Fish tanks are a great way to add character and beauty to your living room. In addition, fish require little maintenance so that you won’t have any hardships with them.

However, owners of these pets must regularly check up on their aquarium and maintain good water quality by adding more clean provided through filters.

Neglecting small matters like cleaning out the filter or changing water can cause problems that directly lead to fish death and an unpleasant smell in just a few weeks!

There are various ways you can keep your aquarium looking fresh and new, including adding some lava rock. Not only will this make for an impressive display in the home or office, but it also benefits both fish and soil quality!

Read this guide where we are sharing how to prepare Lava Rocks for Aquarium and how to add them to your tank carefully.

How to Prepare Lava Rocks for Aquarium


It is essential to note that the lava rocks must be cleaned and sterilized before adding them.

This will help prevent the harmful bacteria from growing in your aquarium, which can kill off live plants and your fish pets quickly. If you plan on adding some new lava rocks into different established planted tanks, then make sure they’re clean.

Keep your lava rock clean by making sure they’re spotless before placing them in the same tank.

All you need to clean your rocks is a bucket, running water, and a soft-bristled brush. Don’t use household cleaners since they could contain harmful chemicals that will kill fish!

Here are all the steps you need to do before you think of Lava Rocks for aquarium.

Wash the Lava Rock Properly


Put the lava rock for the aquarium in a bucket of water and fill it up. Scrub all over with your brush until they are sparkling clean!

You may notice that some color drained out from between their cracks after scrubbing – don’t worry, though, because this just means you’re getting closer to being done.

Pour the lava rock-colored water down the drain and get a new bucket of clean water.

Removing any sharp edges from the lava rock is important to ensure that your fish are safe. You can easily do this by rubbing two smooth stones together until they become dull-looking or flat against each other without any noticeable scratches or grooves in them.

The sun is the natural way to dry your lava rock. Simply leave them in direct sunlight, and they will become hard as stone!

Boil the Lava Rocks


The most suitable way to clean and disinfect after you buy lava rocks is by boiling them. This would kill any bacteria or fungi that may be living on the surface, which could harm plants in an aquarium if they were placed near one of these infected lava rocks.

Boiling rocks is a great way to eliminate all the dangerous bacteria that might still be attached to the lava rock. While boiling your lava rock, make sure you are very careful as it can explode at high temperatures and become a molten rock or igneous rock.

You can easily disinfect the lava rocks for the aquarium by boiling them, which is one of the most effective ways to sterilize them.

Fill your pot with water so that all of the rocks are submerged. Make sure you have a lid for when it’s time to boil!

To keep your lava rock solid and beautiful, make sure you boil them in a pot with plenty of room to expand. Choosing the right pot for boiling your lava rock is very important.

You must not boil them longer than 30 minutes as they might crumble when cooked for a more prolonged time.

When you’re done boiling the lava rock, first use a towel or soft cloth to wipe all of that hot water off.

Afterward, cool them for at least an hour before adding them to your fish tank so they don’t burn the fish’s gills!

Using a Bleaching Solution


The bleaching method for getting rid of dirt and bacteria on your lava rock might not be as effective, but it’s still a good idea to try.

This is more suitable if you have big pieces that won’t crumble or break under pressure; otherwise, boiling will cause them to explode!

What’s the best way to bleach your lava rock?

All you need is 24 hours in a bleaching solution.

Afterward, don’t put them into an aquarium with water because they might still be stained from being freshly cleaned and dipped – instead, wash them off thoroughly before adding them to the fish tank!

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Preparing Your Aquarium For Lava Rocks

After you’ve prepared the lava rocks for your aquarium, a few things need to be done before adding them.

Flat surfaces are easier to work with when it comes time to add lava rocks.

Lava rocks are perfect for aquariums because they provide a natural look while also helping to distribute weight across your water surface area.

One tip is that you can use Styrofoam sheets to protect against any scratches or damage made by these large pieces of stone in an acrylic tank!

Add clean sand before adding large lava rock for the aquarium, and you’ll have an easy setup that’s perfect for displaying!

Benefits of Adding Lava Rocks 

Here are the benefits of adding Lava Rocks to an Aquarium:

Adding Lava Rock Lowers Nitrate Levels


Lava rock provides a healthy environment for your aquarium fish and plants.

They are covered with tiny holes that let beneficial bacteria, which are called nitrogen-fixing or denitrifying bacteria, grow on them.

These beneficial bacteria can help keep your aquarium’s water column healthy by breaking down nitrate into safe levels of oxygen and nitrogen, which support fish growth in an environment free from pollution dangers like imbalanced pH levels or high salinity!

Provides Caves & Maintain Plants


Aquarium fish tank owners with small fish know how much they love caves. So, it’s a good idea to provide some in your aquarium!

Lava rocks are very porous and can act as resting places for the little guys, making them even happier than before since more space will be available.

Lava rock for aquariums is excellent since they provide more options for caves. The best part about these structures is that their shape and color remain the same once created, making them perfect caving sites!

Lava rock is an excellent way to hold your plants so they can provide clean air for aquarium fish.

Guarantees Better Water Quality


Lava rocks for aquarium are an excellent way to keep your fish tank clean and healthy. Not only do they remove debris, but their high concentration of minerals makes for crystal clear water!

Lava rock is one of the best ways to keep your fish tank water clean. They contain elements that can improve clarity, so you’ll be able to add them without worrying about any negative effects on aquarium inhabitants!

Adding Lava Rocks To Aquarium Safely

Just adding one or two lava rocks to our aquarium is not the best idea. There’s a proper way to do it, and below I cover some tips for keeping them safe from spikes or other dangers that could harm your fish!

Placing Lava Rocks Properly


It can be tempting to pile up all of your rocks and then set them against the glass, but this is a terrible idea. The weight will cause small fractures in the aquarium’s surface, leading to leaks or other problems!

When the aquarium is filled with water and lava rock, you must situate them, so they don’t cause any harm. The weight of the lava rock could break or crack your aquarium glass if not placed properly!

To keep your glass safe, be sure to stack the rocks on top of one another. This way, they can’t fall and crack or scratch against it!

Glue Lava Rocks With Silicone


Lava rock can make your tank even more beautiful. If you have large pieces of rocks, glue them together to ensure safety, no matter how big they are!

It’s a great idea to use silicone when gluing different types of rocks in your fish tank to stay put and don’t fall apart.

The Silicone glue does not have any side effects in the aquarium, as it is just like normal glue but better!


Now that you understand how to prepare lava rocks for the aquarium, it’s time to get started!

Make sure you follow the instructions closely and wash them properly. Boiling them will kill any bacteria or organisms on the rock, and using a bleaching solution will help remove any unwanted particles.

Lava rock is essential for your aquarium fish and plants as it has holes that let beneficial bacteria which brings down nitrogen levels.

When you’re prepared to add them to your aquarium, make sure you place them in an area where they will not be disturbed.

If everything goes according to plan, your aquarium should start looking more like an underwater volcano in no time at all!

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