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Betta Imbellis – The Peaceful Betta or Cresent Care Guide

Some people think of the Siamese fighting fish as a solitary creature, but that is not true. There are actually several different breeds and varieties! One breed, in particular, is called the Betta imbellis or “peaceful betta,” also known as Crescent’s Fighting Fish.

These beautiful creatures can often be found hanging out near ponds or small streams with overhanging plants.

When thinking about popular fishes, most people usually refer to Bettas (Betta splendens) because they make great fighters when put in an aquarium together.

Betta imbellis and Betta splendens are two different species of fish that both need special care. The key difference between the two is what environment to provide them with. If you want your friend for a long time, it’s important to learn these distinctions so they can have everything they need to thrive!


Betta imbellis are known to be elegant and beautiful fish, with various same features as their cousin Betta splendens.

They originate from Asia and have been developed in captivity for more dynamic color variations, overall look, and well-being. These two classes of Betta can also occasionally act aggressively towards each other; however, they both make great pets in the aquarium!

The two most significant distinctions between Betta imbellis and Betta splenden are their temperaments. Betta Imbellis is nicknamed the Peaceful Betta for just how gentle it can be, unlike other betta types, which may not have such a kind disposition.

The peaceful betta is a great fish for beginners as they are not aggressive, unlike the Splenden Betta or other betta species. They can also be kept with other calm, small aquatic creatures such as shrimp and snails in larger aquariums when given enough space.

Size2 to 2½ inches
LifespanUp to 4 Years
Minimum Tank Size10 Gallons
Water TypePrefer freshwater but will do just fine with saltwater as well.
Temperature70 to 82 Degree Fahrenheit
CompatibilityPeaceful Fish
DietBetta will eat meaty pellets, flakes, or live foods like brine shrimp.

The Appearance of the Betta Imbellis


Betta imbellis is known to be the most colorful fish in captivity. They have a black or brown body with splashes of iridescent blue and green scales, which are usually near their gills.

These fish grow up two inches long but come in various colors, including black, dark grayish-browns, red shades, and blues and greens, depending on how they were bred.

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Betta imbellis are known for their long-term lifespans and can live up to four years in captivity. However, this lifespan could be prolonged if the fish is furnished with exceptional care and a diverse diet.

Betta Imbellis: Habitat ad Tank Size

These Bettas are peaceful bettas, and an aquarium size of 10 gallons is enough for one or two. If you want to keep more than that, though – like another Betta imbellis, then they need about 30 gallons of space in their home.

A small fish needs only a ten-gallon tank; however, when housing multiple fishes, this length increases by threefold to accommodate the needs of all those living within its walls.

These bettas are the most diverse fish out there; they can live in any water temperature as long as it is kept clean. They typically prefer freshwater but will do just fine with saltwater if you give them a week or so to adapt.

The pH level isn’t as crucial in the home aquarium, and it can be more varied. The temperature of water in the tank should be between 70 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit but must remain consistent without any significant variations that could disrupt your Imbellis betta fish’s environment.

These Peaceful Bettas originally come from densely planted areas with plenty of places for them to hide- so this is what you want to replicate when setting up their home habitat.

Caves are a great way to give your fish the privacy they need. They can be premade or constructed from rocks in an aquarium and provide both males and females with hiding spaces if one becomes moody or aggressive.

Betta Imbellis Care

Betta imbellis are often considered easy-to-care-for, as long as they have a decent amount of space and lots of places to hide from other fish. This is because bettas appreciate living in groups with many hiding spots so that bullying will not happen.

Betta imbellis are a type of freshwater fish that prefer to have their aquarium shaded, as this simulates their natural habitat. Providing plenty of tall or leafy plants can help have the tank feel more like home for these little guys.

The water in your aquarium should be kept clean and aerated, so it’s essential to only use gentle bubblers and filters when you set up your new betta-fish friends’ tanks–they’re not used to swift currents after all.

Bettas are well known for their jumping skills. They can be excellent escape artists and may attempt to leap from the confines of your aquarium when it is not adequately covered; however, they also need a little bit of air in order to breathe, so you should leave some space between the top surface water and container lid which will allow them this small luxury while still keeping them safe inside.

What to Feed Betta Imbellis

The carnivorous Betta imbellis will eat a variety of meaty meals like fish, worms, and brine shrimp if it is captive-raised; however, you need to feed them pellets or flake food too because some bettas won’t accept live prey items on their own, but there are many other options for feeding your fish so you’re not limited in what kind of foods they can have.

If you want your betta to feel happy and healthy, they must receive the correct vitamins and nutrients. Offering a variety of foods will ensure this happens. The different colors in their fins can even signal if something is wrong with them!

Bettas are one of many fish species that need food every day or two days, depending on how much time they spend swimming around looking for scraps from other creatures living nearby.

Offer plenty of live plants along with flakes so that there always exists some natural competition among those great big mouths as well as an appetite stimulant at all times, which gives way to brighter colors over the life span thanks to more proper nutrition intake.

Breeding of Betta Imbellis

The Betta imbellis, also identified as the peaceful betta, is relatively easy to breed, primarily with pairs.

This is a fish that uses its bubble nest to attract mates. Males will build this beautiful home before spawning and use plants to anchor the air pockets to keep it afloat near the water’s surface.

The male betta builds his amazing “bubble house” before producing eggs with all of these pretty colors.

The females lay the eggs and the male, after fertilizing them, helps bring these two together in the nest. The pair makes sure that all of their young are safe by shielding them in bubbles.

Female Imbellis are usually removed from the tank after they have laid eggs. The male stays to take care of them and typically doesn’t leave until they hatch about a day or two later.

After another two days, the young bettas will be able to swim on their own, and you’ll want to move your male fish out of this tank. The fry can eat liquid food for a few days before switching over to eating baby brine shrimp or micro worms.

Price of Betta Imbellis

Is the price of your favorite pet swaying you in any way? The Betta imbellis is a freshwater fish that has some fantastic colorations. Depending on what colors they have, prices can be anywhere between $10 and $60!

How to Choose Betta Imbellis Fish for your Aquarium

There are a few determinants to contemplate when selecting the perfect betta. Betta fish lovers should always check for overall health and avoid any stores or breeders with sick or dead animals in their tanks before making a purchase.

Careful observation is also crucial, as you want to find healthy-looking specimens with bright colors without black spots on fins; white patches of skin around their head and body; gills that open freely without issue; and no signs of ulcers anywhere on the animal’s body.


The beautiful Siamese fighting fish is a more peaceful species of betta than most other varieties, but it still needs plenty of space to thrive.

A 10-gallon tank should be the minimum size for this type of pet, and a lid with an escape hatch would help maintain peace within your home. Betta will eat meaty pellets, flakes, or live foods like brine shrimp as part of their diet.

The Betta imbellis is a great choice for both beginners and experienced fish keepers.

It won’t be as flashy or colorful as the more common Betta splenden, but it can live alongside other betta imbellises who will enjoy a long healthy life when given enough space to do so.

If you are looking for an easy-to-care-for fish that still has its energetic personality, this might be your perfect match!

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