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Do Turtles Snore? – How, When, Why & More!

Do Turtles Snore?

Yes, turtles do snore, but it’s usually quite low-key. Some turtles snoring make lots of noise while others may be hard to hear because they’re quieter than humans or other animals who also breathe louder when sleeping. 

However, if you feel your turtle is crying out in sleep, then you should definitely take him to the vet immediately.

It could indicate an issue with the turtle’s health status (especially respiratory infection); therefore, do take it seriously as it could lead to serious issues. 

In addition to being unusual pets, turtles are frequently one of the greatest options for many animal enthusiasts due to their peaceful interaction and little care lifestyle.

Many people interested in turtles like to learn about all the behavioral patterns that might help them provide their pet turtles with a happy existence.

Do Turtles Snore?


Yes, turtles do indeed snore. 

In comparison, some people may not have been able to recognize their pet’s snoring. Snoring might give the impression that they have a respiratory infection or condition because of the noise it makes. 

All turtles have one thing in common: they all enjoy snoring while they sleep at night. They are highly unlikely to snore while resting during the day, as they do not actually sleep but rather relax all day. The turtles breathe through their cheeks and possess tissue in the airway just like humans do.

Furthermore, air passes through these relaxed tissues as they breathe, causing them to flutter and make noise

Adult turtles snore because of this, and the sound of a snoring turtle is remarkably similar to that of other pets. 

When the turtles sleep in the aquarium, you might not be able to hear the sound of their snoring, but if you get closer to the tank walls, then you might hear them snore through the night. 

Do Turtles Snore?

How Do Turtles Snore?


Turtles enjoy snoring when they are asleep at night, just like every other animal. 

Additionally, they occasionally snore loudly, potentially waking up their owners. 

On the other hand, other turtles may snore in a very quiet manner that sounds nearly humming or hissing. However, the sound of sea turtles snore can differ greatly from others and sound more muffled

The sea turtles sleep for 4-6 hours, just like the adult turtle who while sleeping conjures loud snoring sounds that could be heard from these air-breathing reptiles.

Additionally, it is the activity of the sea turtles during the day that causes them to snore.

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When Do Turtles Snore?

The turtles may snore because they don’t get enough sleep from the activity they do. 

Turtles are often compared to humans by many individuals. Like us, they breathe via their cheeks, so when they breathe, the tissue in their airway moves, which is visible and already present. 

When you breathe, the air passes through these tissues, causing them to vibrate and generate noise

This is the reason why the turtles snore just like us. 

Many people find it amusing when turtles snore, yet turtles snore as humans do. 

Sleep Cycle of Turtle

Adult turtles are diurnal, and the night is when they sleep. They are active throughout the day and sleep at night. 

Turtles sleep for between 4-6 hours each night, and this is the time when they are found snoring the most. 

One might have observed turtles dozing out on the ground during the day. 

But, turtles sleeping during the day are not fully asleep as they are just resting and do not doze off in a deep sleep. 

Turtles frequently rest in the sun while keeping their eyes closed and extending their necks or legs to have enough UVB radiation to warm them up.

Does Obesity Cause a Tortoise to Snore?

Persons frequently draw the relationship between obesity and snoring as it has been scientifically established in the context of individuals or humans

On either hand, it is impossible to compare adult turtles to people as turtles snore still needs a lot of research.

Why Does The Turtle Whistle When It Sleeps?

A turtle may whistle for a variety of reasons. 

As previously stated, whistling sounds can indicate that the turtle snoring has a respiratory ailment. Because they have trouble breathing, turtles with RI frequently make whistling sounds.

What More Noises do Turtles Make?

There are numerous sounds that turtles produce. They shriek, scream, chirp, roar, wail, squeak, and more things do happen.

Do Snoring Turtles Snoring Indicate Illness?

The turtles snoring doesn’t really mean that they have an illness

However, it may be having difficulties breathing or other breathing issues if it makes strange and unsettling noises, in addition to other respiratory infection symptoms. 

When turtle snoring has a respiratory ailment, they frequently make whistling sounds. 

Nothing to be concerned about if the turtle snoring is without the whistles.

Illness-related turtles snore symptoms include spitting thick mucus, being listless and lethargic, not eating or getting lightheaded, humming, or sobbing

Another extremely typical cause of your turtle’s snoring comes from its natural marking up, making it seem as though turtles breathe at night on their own after reaching adulthood.

Do Turtles Snore While They are Hibernating?

Even while turtles enjoy snoring as they sleep, it is unlikely that they would snore when fully immersed in their hibernating cycle. 

Their unique breathing system allows them to breathe via their own cloaca as while they are lying dormant; they abstain from inflating through their lungs, hence why they don’t really snore throughout hibernation

When this comes to the hibernate mode process, such unique reptiles utilize a different type of respiration system that prevents them from snoring. 

Most reptiles and amphibians have this type of breathing apparatus; hence turtles are also referred to as “butt-breathers” while hibernating since it prevents animals from snoring.

Do Turtles Snore When They Are Tired?

The one-word answer to this question is No.

The idea of tiredness in turtles snoring doesn’t work the same way as it does in humans. They can sleep for extended durations without needing to take any breaks, and being tired doesn’t make them snore. 


The most popular pet of all time is a turtle. They require less maintenance and are frequently considered lucky pets

Owners of turtles are frequently curious about the animals and often question whether the exotic creatures sleep or not

Yes, turtles do snore, even though so many have experienced it and may have been annoyed by it. 

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