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Molly Guppy Hybrid – Is it Possible?

Yes, creating a Molly Guppy Hybrid is undoubtedly possible. If you have males and females of both species in the same tank, crossbreeding won’t be possible. However, you should have one male Guppy in the tank for crossbreeding and 2 to 3 female mollies in the tank. Only then will crossbreeding take place.

There is science behind why these two species can be bred together. The reason for the same is because they are from the same genus. The genus goes by the name of Poecilia. That is why crossbreeding is possible.

What Is The Molly Guppy Hybrid Called?


You can name such hybrids in 2 different ways. You can either call them Muppy or Golly.

What Is The Difference Between Muppy & Golly?

If the hybrid is produced by breeding male Guppy and female Molly, it goes by the name of Golly. If male Molly is involved and a female guppy is involved, the hybrid will be known by the name of Muppy.

How To Hybridize Guppy And Molly?

Of course, now that you are aware that Guppy and Molly can create a Molly Guppy Hybrid offspring, it is time to understand how to do so. There are a few things which you need to be careful about regarding the same.

Tank Size

Only when the tank is bigger, then only is crossbreeding possible. Crossbreeding will certainly not occur if the tank is small or has too many fishes in the tank.

That is why, if you’re serious about producing such offspring and have a small tank, it might be time to switch over to a bigger tank.

Breed Ratios

The ratio in which both breeds are available will also determine whether the crossbreeding will take place or not.

The females of 1 breed should be four times the number of males of the other breed. It means that your tank should have one male Guppy and four female mollies.

Crossbreeding will not occur if a male and female gender of the same breed is available in the tank. That is why you have to be very specific regarding the gender of the breed and the number of fishes available in each breed.

Taking Care Of The Pregnant Females

Just getting the female pregnant is not enough. Special care is needed for the pregnant female. 

However, moving her to a completely isolated tank right from the start is not a good idea either, as it will make the female lonely. 

In that case, as well, the health of the female will suffer.

However, you can consider doing so during the final stages of the pregnancy.

Do Not Keep Male Mollies With Guppy Females

In case you keep Male Mollies with Guppy females, then too crossbreeding will occur. The problem is that Molly’s fries are bigger in size. 

That is why, while giving birth, Guppy females face high risk, and it can prove to be fatal. 

That is why crossbreeding Male mollies and Guppy females is not a good idea. This condition should be strictly followed while crossbreeding.

Only when you can abide by these two conditions can you make crossbreeding possible.

The new fries will grow up eventually as well. When that happens, you might subsequently encourage breeding.

However, is it possible?

We will answer that below.

Can The Molly Guppy Hybrid Produce More Babies?

The Molly Guppy Hybrid, which is produced, is mostly sterile, and the studies in the past indicate that hybrid fries produced will not be able to make more babies.

That is why, if you crossbreed, you have to understand that the same fish might not be able to breed in the future.

While there is no concrete evidence of the same but it is the general observation of people who have crossbred mollies and guppies. You have to keep this in mind before crossbreeding a Molly Guppy Hybrid.

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What Mistakes Should You Avoid While Hybridizing Guppies And Mollies?

There are a few mistakes that you need to avoid while producing Molly Guppy Hybrid offspring. We will highlight the mistakes to avoid below:

Do Not Breed Female Guppies

Male Guppy should be used, and the females should be Mollies

Only then, the female mollies can deliver the fries easily, and if it is the other way around, the fries will be much larger, proving to be fatal for the females.

That is why you have to use male guppies and female mollies for the same.

Do Not Sell Them As Purebred

Sometime down the line, you might think about selling the fish, and in that case, you have to be true about the fish’s identity. 

It would be best if you didn’t sell them as purebred as that isn’t very ethical. 

Ensure that you do not hide the identity of the fish.

Do Not Mess Up With The Ratio

The ratio should always be of one male Guppy and four female mollies. Only, in that case, the probability of crossbreeding is possible. 

Otherwise, crossbreeding will not take place even with your best efforts.

You have to avoid these three mistakes if you’re serious about getting a Molly Guppy Hybrid.

Is It Ethical To Crossbreed Molly And Guppy?

Crossbreeding is certainly not against ethics. 

However, you have to be clear regarding the breed whenever you’re showing the fish to someone or showing them to others. 

It would help if you didn’t misguide others that it is an entirely natural breed.

If you are explicitly producing the fish for selling, it is essential to be clear about their specific description. 

Before you sell, you have to disclose their identities so that the buyers do not get fooled.

Not only that, the price of crossbreeds is always lower as compared to purebreds. 

That is why you shouldn’t charge the price for pure breeds when you’re selling such fish.

Even when you’re selling them online, you have to be pretty clear regarding the fish’s identity. 

In that case, you aren’t doing anything unethical.

We will now answer some FAQs regarding Molly Guppy Hybrids.


Can Guppies And Mollies Crossbreed?

Yes, as we have highlighted above, guppies and mollies can certainly crossbreed. To encourage the same, you have to follow the guide above.

Can Guppy Cross Breed?

Yes, guppies can certainly crossbreed, and mollies are one of the rare breeds which can crossbreed with guppies.

Guppies can’t crossbreed with other species like Platies(Platy).

How Many Mollies And Guppies Can I Put In A 10-Gallon Tank?

You should have four female mollies in a 10-gallon tank. It means that you need to have one male Guppy in a 10-gallon tank.

Why Is My Guppy Chasing My Molly?

There are essentially two reasons why a guppy might be chasing a molly. We will cover them below:

• Mating:

When a male guppy is chasing a female Molly, it might be due to mating.

Mollies might disagree instantly and might run away as well. That is why the guppies chase them consistently unless they mate.

This is the most desired outcome for you as well.

• Aggression:

When males of both species are present in the fish tank, the guppies can often chase mollies. In that case, the mollies will undoubtedly be harassed. 

They won’t be able to have a peaceful time in the tank.

However, if you follow the guide above, you will realize that you shouldn’t add males of both species to the tank. In that case, aggression will not take place.

These are the two likely reasons why your guppies are chasing the mollies.

Are Guppies Aggressive?

Usually, guppies are not aggressive

They are peaceful and can socialize with other fishes in the aquarium easily. That is why, if you have multiple species in the aquarium, guppies are great species to add.

However, once the number of guppies in a 10-gallon tank increases beyond a point, they can become territorial. 

This is especially true concerning male fishes of other species. In that case, they will chase around and become aggressive.

The best way is to stick to the fish limit highlighted above, as overcrowding will defeat the crossbreeding purpose, and it is counter-productive.

Are Mollies Aggressive To Guppies?

Mollies, by nature, are not that aggressive

However, they are not that peaceful either. 

Generally speaking, if you introduce female mollies and male guppies, the mollies will not chase around the guppies. 

That is why you have nothing to worry about.

However, when the guppies chase around the Molly to mate, at that time, they might become aggressive

However, other than that, they are peaceful.

Why Do Male Guppies Chasing Pregnant Female Mollies?

Female mollies are still attractive to male guppies even when they are pregnant

That is one of the primary reasons why male guppies might chase pregnant females as well. 

However, if the male guppies get too aggressive, isolating the pregnant female mollies might be good.


So, you can undoubtedly encourage crossbreeding among mollies and guppies. 

However, the male should be Guppy, and the female should be Molly. 

Only, in that case, the female mollies can safely deliver the fry. 

There will be no more confusion regarding producing the Molly Guppy hybrid with our detailed guide above.

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