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Snail Poop: What Does Snail Poop Look Like?

If you are here, you must be looking for the answer to the question – does snail poop, and what does the poop look like? 

Of course, just like any other animal, the snails too poop. The poop of the snail is small, and it looks like a string of brow or green matter. But the color can actually vary depending on what the snails eat. The snail’s poop gets darker in color and even smaller when it dries off completely. Then they appear as C-shaped and are primarily black in color.

The snails can be frequently spotted in the gardens or even on the lawns. Though these snails look very small and harmless in nature, they can prove to be quite destructive for your garden. 

But how can you determine whether or not the snails frequently come into your garden? The best way to do so is by looking for their poop. If snails frequently come into your garden, then the chances are high that you will notice their distinctive poops on the mud or the leaves. 

Now that you know how their poop looks like, it will be easier for you to spot and tell whether any snail has visited your garden recently or not.

What Do Snails Eat?


As foods have a huge role in pooping, you have to know about snails’ foods. This will give you an adequate understanding of their poop. Mostly, the snails are entirely herbivorous in nature as they feed on the vegetation and plants. 

But sometimes, they eat mushrooms or fruits too. But at the time, when a snail cannot find any living plants or fruits or feed on, the snails start to feed on decaying plants, vegetation and fruits too.

To keep the shell strong and better, snails do need some calcium for their diet. Hence, they also feed on the chalks that they get from the rocks. Though very rare, some of the snails can be carnivorous and omnivorous in nature. In such cases, the snails feed on worms, fungus, animal waste, and other snails besides plants and vegetation. 

Most of the snails that you see in your gardens feed on the leaves, vegetables, and fruits. Thus, the color of these garden snails is primarily green. But if a snail feeds on a carrot or pumpkin, then the poop will have an orange tint.

What Does Snail Poop Look Like?


As mentioned above, the size of the snail poop is relatively tiny, and it doesn’t look that significant. Hence, you can easily miss out if you aren’t looking for it specifically. 

Their poop can go unnoticed if the place where they pooped has dust and dirt as well. But if you examine closely, you can notice small, string-like, C-shaped things are the poops of a snail. 

When the poop is still wet and fresh, it will look brighter. But it started to go darker and paler once the poop begins to dry off.

The two things that define the color of their poop are:

  • The color of the snail’s shell
  • The foods that they consume

Because of these two factors can be pretty challenging to say the actual color you can look for in the garden when searching for snail poop.

How Do The Snails Poop?

This is one of the most provocative topics of discussion related to the poop of the snails. While some people say that the poop of the snails comes out through their heads, some people even say that they poop through their mouths

While both of these are not true, the pooping process of the snails is quite bizarre if you compare it with animal or human standards.

The anus opening of the snails is mainly located in the mantle cavity present in their shells. The lungs of the snails are also present in this cavity. 

So, the snails poop inside the shell, and then they shed it through their breathing hole. While slipping it out from the shell through the breathing hole, it can seem like the snails are pooping through their mouth or head as the breathing pore is located close to the head.

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Where To Look For Snails Poop?

As stated above, the snails can be quite harmful to your garden plants and vegetation as they tend to feed on them. Before you can take any measures to stop them from invading your garden, you have to know if your garden has snails. 

To know whether or not snails come to your garden or lawn frequently, it is essential to track down their poop. But how or where can you trace the snail poop? When it comes to pooping, snails are not that picky or have a particular preference.

Snails cannot hold or control their poop much, and hence they can start pooping anywhere and everywhere if they feel the urge to poop. Even though they can poop immediately in their shell, it can take a while for the poop to dispose of their shell to the ground. 

If there are snails in your garden, you can find the snail poops more often on the leaves.

But if you are looking for the snail’s presence in your aquarium, then you will likely notice their poops on the walls of your aquarium.

Is The Snail Poop Harmful Or Toxic?

According to studies and some researches, the poop of the snails is not harmful. It doesn’t contain any compound which can be toxic, especially to the humans. 

As most of the snails you see around you or your garden are herbivorous, they feed on the vegetation, fruits, and leaves. So, the poop cannot contain anything that can be harmful or toxic to you. There has never been any occurrence, to date, where any human being has been infected or affected by the poop of a snail.

No matter how non-toxic or harmless the poop of a snail is, it is better to wear gloves when you are getting rid of their poop from your garden. Also, make sure to wear a mask for covering your mouth and nose to be extra cautious. After all, this is excretion, and you must be safe around it or while handling it.

How To Prevent Snails From Coming Into Your Garden?

Snails, as you have already learned, can be quite harmful and destructive for your garden. If you find snail poop in your garden, then snails are coming to your garden frequently. 

So, you have to take some steps to keep these snails out of your garden effectively. But the main question is – how? Here, we will evaluate some of the best ways to keep the snails away from your garden:

  • Using sand: Snails like a moist environment. So, to keep the snails away from your garden, you can use sand. As the sands have a dry texture, they don’t like it at all. You can circle your garden with some sand. This will make sure that the snails are not entering your garden.
  • Using pistachio shells: You can try to keep the snails away by placing shells of the pistachios. You can use these shells to circle around the plants of your garden. The shells of pistachios can protect your plant as snails are afraid of it. The pistachio shells are sharp and salty in nature.
  • Using gravel and wood chips: Gravel and wood chips can also help to keep the snails away from your garden. Snails do not like bumpy roads, and it is also hard for them to crawl through the rough textures. Hence, if you add a layer of gravel or wood chips along with the circle of sand around your garden, it can keep the snails away from your garden effectively.
  • Spraying caffeine solution: One of the best ways to keep the snails away from your plants and vegetation is by using coffee. According to a study, it has been reported that snails can be killed easily by spraying some caffeine solution on them. So, if you spray your plants with a caffeine solution, it can prevent the snails from eating them even if they somehow manage to enter your garden through the gravels and sands.


You have got the answer to your question about whether or not the snails poop. This is one of the most common questions, and you are the only one having this doubt. 

It is evident that these snails poop; now you know how to identify a snail poop and where you can notice them. 

Though the poop of the snail is not harmful to you or your garden, snails can be detrimental. So, if you notice poop of the snails lying around, snails frequently come to your garden. 

You can stop them from coming and keep these snails away. Follow the ways mentioned above to keep the snails away from your plants and vegetation effectively.

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